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Chic NYC official brand trademark


We are the official and trademark Fashion Label, Chic NYC

New York City - South Florida Miami/Fort Lauderdale - Beijing, China

Chic NYC is a global fashion brand, shipping worldwide to every country.

New York City is the first city to ever host an organized Fashion Show known as New York Fashion Week. This iconic week started in 1943 and today, the show continues to be the the most watched fashion show in the world by every single industry every Fall and Winter. All eyes are on us, New York City, to bring the next fashion trends that the globe will view from magazines, newspapers, movies,  books, social media, the internet and more.

Since the 1950's NYC has been home to some of the fashion industries most popular styles around the world. At CHIC NYC, we strive to create the best garments, with unique prints, made from the richest materials to ensure you are 'CHIC' ready no matter what city is your runway.

We know that our customers are busy, either on the road traveling or building their careers. Therefore, comfort is key to our styles. We search for styles that will keep you Chic while still being able to keep you on the move. No matter if it is a branded product designed and created by our own in house team, or a piece we hand selected to be styled by you, selected by our team of dedicated buyers, Chic NYC will have your every day style comfortable and chic.

Today, CHIC NYC is a registered, trademarked and privately held corporation in the United States with locations in the USA, Europe and China.

Chic NYC Headquarters in New York CityAbout the Brand & Inspiration of Clothing: New York City has been the only major runway for international styles coming together and creating masterpieces. It is reported that in the 1950's & 60's that more than 65% of the residents residing and living in NYC were from international backgrounds, therefore, creating a melting pot of fashions and styles for the world to watch. It is then that the city became a Fashion Icon, creating the garment district where thousands of New Yorkers were employed to create garments in the heart of Manhattan and distribute to the world. Thanks to the countless hours these workers put in to creating this energy, NYC became the must go to place to purchase or create new fashions globally. Today, many fashion designers have taken their design houses to Asia, where the market is filled with new talent and technology. Chic NYC is proud to announce that we operate in the USA, China and Europe so we can make certain our vision hits local and global markets alike. 

VISION: With the world being an endless map to travel, we believe in making our styles completely chic, yet comfortable. Our customers tend to always be on the go, yet find their fashion sense and style to be the most up importance to them. We take this into factor when hand selecting our clothes for you or creating our own in house designs.

Shop the Official CHIC NYC today. All online orders come with beautiful CHIC NYC trademark gift packaging and tissue paper. Creating the perfect gift for yourself or a special someone.